Bin Buddy

ServTronics’ proprietary inventory replenishment system, Bin Buddy, is customizable to meet any size program. Whether you have 1500 items in inventory or 50, Bin Buddy will reduce your cost and improve efficiency. Items traditionally stocked in a warehouse are located close to production. The items are routinely inventoried and established stock levels are maintained. Program maintenance can be completely vendor-managed, customer-managed, or a combination of the two.

Vendor-Managed Bin Programs

With a vendor-managed program, ServTronics will come on-site to label each bin. Items are packaged in pre-determined quantities and labeled as per your specified requirements. We can serve multiple bin locations within multiple warehouses, if needed and with an unlimited amount of conversions. Bins are painstakingly monitored and stocked by our knowledgeable, friendly team of customer service representatives.

Customer-Managed Bin Programs

As with the vendor-managed programs, all items are packaged in pre-determined quantities and labeled as required. When inventory runs low, simply scan the product label on the bin with one of our Bin Buddy scanners. The inventory information is sent to our facility, where the order is processed and filled, then shipped back to the appropriate warehouse and is ready for re-stocking.

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Jointly Managed Bin Programs

We can assist your personnel by setting up an inventory replenishment system that can be managed internally and overseen by our customer service team.

Committed Inventory Program

By participating in a Committed Inventory Program, you are able to control costs over a specific period of time. In addition to the other benefits realized by participating in one of our inventory replenishment programs, this one is also Kan Ban and Min/Max compatible.